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There Is This Girl....


Hi everyone! There's this girl I think I'm in love with I've never felt this way about a girl before. We are good friends she like Volleyball I like basketball we show each other how to play I love every second of talking to her. All our friends say that we should go out but whenever they bring it up she changes the subject I asked her out a few months ago and she said no then we became even closer and then a few days ago I told her best friend that i want to ask her out again but I am very nervous her bestfriend said that she will talk to her. When I went to the friend again she told me that she just wants to be friends she dosent want to ruin our friendship. Whenever I talk to her it seems that she does like me. After her friend told me this I've been sad ever since because I really like this girl. I can't get her off of my mind!! She is just soo amazing and I'm in love with her but she dosent feel the same way about me. What do i do??


Ah, this is a classic story. Boy loves Girl, girl likes boy. She really enjoys your company. Likes to spend time with you. Those are all good things. Her fear is that if the two of you became something more than friends, sooner or later she would loose the pleasure of your company. It's a sad but true fact that most boyfriend/girlfriend relationships don't last. You'll have a dissagreement or a major fight and then she will no longer have you as either a friend or lover. And she is afraid of loosing that. My best advise is to hang in there, give her some time, spend as much time together as you can, and don't hound her about dating, just casually mention it occasionally, maybe in an offhanded sort of way, like, Hey, that new movie is coming out this weekend, I'd love to go see it, would you like to come with me?


Well, this happens in most of the cases. Just be calm for some time and as said by sheepdog just continue to be in touch as the same way as before. Keep your excitement levels under control (rather I would say don’t show that you are being excited). Just try to show from your behavior that she means a lot for you. It’s always better you deal with her directly rather keeping any intermediate persons. If she does not feel the same way then she would not have got this close with you. Most of the girls like guys to be matured in their behavior and also independent as they always have a feeling of insecurity in their mind. So be patient for some more time so that things happen in its way.


You have been friendzoned! I think she's wasting your time. Yeah you're really into her but if she only sees you as a friend, then thats her just up to her. The only thing you can do is distance yourself from her, until you can control your own feelings and see her as just a friend. Moreover, giving her space and maybe she will realise how much she wants to be with you. Don't let her play with your feelings. If it doesn't work out, just be happy you got out of it soon enough. It is MUCH LESS pain than having to go through a 2 or 3 year relationship with someone and then realising you were better off as only friends.


Good advise Marene. I see you are a newbie here, welcome to Knowldedgesutra. Do you play guitar? I see you with one in your picture. Something I always wanted to do but never really could cause I'm double jointed in my fingers and can't hold down the strings worth a hoot.


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