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Should The Process Of Selecting Your Life Partner Change?


Marriages, arranged or out of love, have almost the same post marital conditions to face.Yet from a girl's point of view, it is very important for her to know about the pros and cons of any relationship she plans to enter. In the older times, the girls were not allowed to even look at the guy who would come to see her, rather to examine her critically and then if found desirable, would take her in marriage. But now the times have changed, when it comes to expectations, the girl does have a say. She righteously decides upon getting married to someone, after having a compatibility estimate. The possibility of going wrong cant be ruled out though. I had gone through a post in the forum talking about expectations in marriage, which can't be done away with. The aspect of expectations is equally important for the men and women.As men have the right to judge his bride, why can't the women be granted this freedom as still in many parts of India , the custom of exhibiting women as a commodity prevails keeping aside the element of her emotions. What this will lead to is a kind of tie where the male will issue instructions and his female counterpart will carry those out as a piece of machinery. If someone is interested, in a relationship which involves an emotional side, go look for a change in the selection process.Thankfully, the educated lot of the country don't follow these outdated norms, and have risen to show their girls a novel way of selecting their partners.


As the males have the right to choose their partners, so do the females. Even in this 21st century I have seen still people's mentality towards girls has not changed. I know a girl who is getting married, though she has seen the boy and he is good in his own way but she isn't happy getting married to him. But only because her parents have already fixed her marriage to him is she living with this thought that one day she has to get married to this man and spend her entire life with him. Because she cannot deny as her family members and society would taunt her parents in case her marriage is broken.

It means even now in most of the houses though girls are given a chance to educate themselves but still when it comes to marriage they don't have a choice but to agree to their parent's wishes and compromise because their family would have to suffer in the society. Most of them even now don't have a chance to get to know their partners and then they suffer after marriage because it is a sudden shock to them. And like from ages it's been we can still quote the phrase "It's a male dominated Society ".


Yes, even here is the USA it is without a doubt still a male dominated society. But thank god we have got passed the arranged marriage thing at least. Honestly, I can't even wrap my mind around how that would work. I remember as a teenager growing up, my parents always liked the guys I dated that turned out to be real jerks, and the guys that I liked that were kind and sweet my parents always disliked. I am without a doubt thankful they didn't get to pick for me. Of course, it's not like I did that great a job picking for myself, I did mess up twice. But hey, you live and you learn!I feel deeply sad for the woman who has an arranged marriage. What if he is a jerk? Does she have to spend her entire life wishing for something better, someone who really cares about her and loves her as a fellow human, or just treats her like a peice of property? Such a very sad thing. I can't under stand the mind set of a woman that would even go along with the chance of such a unhappy ending for her life.


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