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What Do You Do When You Love 2 Different People?

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Okay, so this past year I went away to college. This past November marks the 2 year anniversary that I have been with my boyfriend. He is a junior in high school and i am a freshmen in college. I go to school about 2 hours away from home so i dont see him as often as i used to. while at college i became and still am becoming very close with one of my best friends. he has met my boyfriend and they really dislike each other. they are alwasy saying stuff about each other. they both are in love with me and I am starting to realize that i love them both. my current boyfriend is younger and this guy at college is older. we have everything in common and we hang out 24/7. I dont know what to do. HELP


ok so my response is if you love them both let your heart be free to choose which one you truly love ive ha this experence in life i have 2 oys i love and i could not choose but i let my heart do what it wanted and it did not chose the onr i thought it would but my best friend i and a girl to so i hope this helped and always and i mean ALWAYS go with your gut and let your heart lead the way... i am still with that guy today and it has been wonderful... i still love the other boy too but i had to let that go and it was ok everything turned out fine. thats my story hope it helped


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