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Okay, so i'm kinda stuck at the moment in all honesty.I have a girlfriend right now, that i've been with for almost three months.I'm bisexual, and i'm a girl.My girlfriend means the world to me, and i can honestly say yes i'm in love with her.. but one problem.My ex girlfriend , is the love of my life , my first love , was my fiance ; till stuff happend.I was with her a year, we was beyond serious, than we argued everyday , wasn't happy so i cheated twice.I regret cheating with one, but the other was the one i'm with now.I love both these girls, but honestly school started back like last week, and i seen her after the whole summerbeing over her, ending the relationship cause i didnt wanna hurt her, i see her and the feelings and memories come back.. i think of only my first love now , even when i'm with my current girlfriend , we just made up and consider eachother friends today and talked , she talked to me first and said sorry .. and just seeing her makes me think. i dream of her, think of her, but than again i love my girlfriend <333 .. i'm so confused . honestly? i dont want to hurt either, but than again, i dont want myself left clueless and unhappy.. i was unhappy for a while with my one year relationship than we broke up and i seen her and it made me love her more ? i dont know.. i'm stupid, i NEED HELP! </33 this has went on since the 22nd.. </3 i dont want to ruin anything , oh and btw MY FIRST love has a girlfriend right now that shes inlove with, and i cant stand to seee her with her, yet i have a girlfriend, it's all messed up /:


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