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Does She Like Me? Girl


ok so I met this girl about 6 months ago, she is really nice and sweet and at first I was shy to talk to her because she's 2 years older than me, I'm 15 we get along and flirt occasionally but the problems are that well we only see each other like twice a month, and well she's 17. I really like her but I'm not sure she likes me, she's hinted it for example she told me I love you but I knew she was playing around, she's touched me and doesn't seem to be bothered when we make physical contact, everytime I smile at her she smiles back, the sad thing is that we live in different school districts and we only see each other because of a mutual friend AKA parties,etc. someone please help me out, oh and by the way she's not ugly, in fact she's pretty attractive.


I'm a girl, and, even though I'm not yet 15, I'm sure most girls think alike. Anyway, try throwing hints to her. If you guys sit at a table next to eachother sit closer to her than your chair would normally be positioned. You may brush your leg gently against hers, and, if she moves it away, STOP. Don't be a creeper. Also, girls like hoodies alot, so, if you're outside when it's cold, give her yours. Girls REALLY like you to give us your jacket. If you didn't bring one, then get closer to her. If you know her pretty well, go ahead and brush your elbow aainst hers. If she moves away, act like you didn't do it on purpose. If she doesn't, gently start to hold her hand. Make it slow though, because if she doesn't like she may be obliged to move it away. If she looks at you in a confused way, then stop and turn her to face you gently without letting go of her hand. Now look at her in her eyes and tell her something similar to this. "_____, I really like you. I can understand if you don't like me back because of our age difference, and that's fine. Just tell me the truth." See, you don't want her to feel awkward about saying no, just say that it's no big deal if she doesn't. Oh and about the smiling back at you thing- It's just her polite nature, but it could also be something more.


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