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Are Sexual Relationships Important In A Couple? I am talking about boyfriends not married...


Well I am young like the most of the members of this forum. We all specially the men sometimes feel like obssesed with the sex and we have the need to found a girlfriend to fall in love and have sex with her. But in some cases there are girls that are traditional. Don?t want sex before the marriage. They maybe feel a lot of pressure because they desire to have sex with men but they can?t because their tradition is more important. These ladies believes in a myth too. Well I say that is a myth: Once one man sleep with them he will lose the love and emotion. Maybe this is truth with some man who are with a girl only to have sex with her but when a man really love a woman the love can grow with sex in my opinion. But I had the idea to make this topic in this forum to ask to all the Xisto members their opinion about the sexuals relationships in the boyfriends. I am totally agree with the traditional but sometimes the women have scared about having sex and the tradition is not so important to them but they hang it because they find an excuse on it. Particularly my girlfriend is virgin I have could check it. I have been close to have sex with her but in the exact time she start to cry and I feel bad and stop. Some of you maybe think what a loser if she leave you one day you will regret about the opportunities you had to have sex with her. Yeah maybe you are rigth but I love her. I am totally crazy for her and I don?t want to hurt her. But like every man I feel the great need to be intimately with a woman you know I was close to fall in pornography and somethings like that. I don?t know it?s very difficult to expose all my feelings about that but maybe the hormones are acting in this part of my life. I am 21 years old so you can imagine all the need of experiment sex I have now. So you can deduct all the interest I have in make you this question. All men pass trougth this decission I think when we have a virgin girlfriend so I want your answers and you are friendly and good I want your advice because the ocassions to have sex with my girlfriend happen regullarly and if it?s not correct what I am doing please give me some explain and I will consider it.


Hi! Sex is an important part of the relationship but it is not something you can force. Sex is much valuable when you both do it with love, without any pressure and both is willing. If what you are saying is true that you love her, you will wait until she is ready.


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