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Worried ex problems


hi im kate, and im 13 , and i have been out with this boy called mark and he is now my ex and goes out with my friend for about 10 months and they do everything together not going into deltail but today we have been talking and he now keeps saying im preety and that i might dump his girlfriend for me but i dunno if hes joking or not and im scared if he tells her that we have been havin convos or worse hes dumping her for me that she will never talk to me or be my friend :? help !


Do you still like him? For me, you are still very young and don't go out with that guy who dump you before and willing to dump another girl. Once is enough and two is too much.


Oh man, don't even think about wasting any more time on a jerk like this guy! He wanted to hurt you by dumping you and then going out with your friend, and now he's trying to do it again by hurting her to make her hate you too. This is a no win situation. Forget him.


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