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Help Me Out help me out if you could please


Okay so there is her that i have know for over a year now and we dated for like 2 months then we broke up and stopped talking for about a month or so only because it was really awkward because she sits by me at lunch so there group moved and so did mine so we didnt talk for about a month. But then we started talking again like after that month and we talked for about a week then she wanted to sleep over, of course i said yes, but we had a good time doing stuff. after that we started having feelings for each other and we both agreed that we liked each other again and we would totally get back together again only because we understand each other on a whole new level then before. so we talked about doing that but she backed down i guessed because she changed? so now its summer and we hangout sometimes but text each other like everyday and we kiss and stuff but we arent dating. so what i am trying to ask is what do i do i mean i like her alot and she likes me but she doesnt want to get into a relationship because she likes what we have now because she doesnt see what the point is of having a label on us. so OH and she doesnt want to do anything sexual anymore because she just doesnt so i mean i could care less because she is soo pretty and beautiful and i really like her, and she likes me too but not as much as i like her so i dont know what to do. like do i talk to her about getting in a relationship or just say the way we are,which i dont really like, or just leave her which would be hard because we have been through alot and understand each other soo much and i truly do like her alot and well i love her but she doesnt believe in love which i understand because of her background, but i do love her but i dont know if i should tell her.

QUESTIONS TO ANSWER PLEASE: should i wait to see what happens?, talk about getting in a relationship?, tell her how i really feel about her?, and what do i do about this?


yes to all the questions. what you want to do is open up a communication line so she is able to talk to you about anything and you are able to talk to her about anything. after that, respect her wishes right now and see what happens. there is a reason why she wants to take things slow so don't push her. it should be enough right now that you talk every day and have the opportunity to be with eachother.

you do need to get some answers though. you need to know where you stand with her and if this can grow in to something more or if she is planning on just being friends. she owes you that much at least. you don't need a "relationship" label, but you do need to know where you stand in the relationship with her....

QUESTIONS TO ANSWER PLEASE: should i wait to see what happens?, talk about getting in a relationship?, tell her how i really feel about her?, and what do i do about this?


I'd say that you should probably go ahead and spill the beans. If she rejects your advance, then it's better you find that out now, so you can just be friends, and not always expect something tocome out of it. If she's interested, then yes, you will advance to relationship status. I wouldn't put something like thatoff because, she might end up with someone else, and you just blew your chance. It's better to get everything over and done with, and get the truth out in advance. It sucks putting yourself out therelike that, but if you don't nothing will ever get done. Girls like guys who take charge.


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