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Your Chosen Cms CMS used on your website


Hello everyone,


For those who have been here for a while and still come by to post, lets have a discussion.


If you're still using plain old HTML, Javascript, and CSS to do your site without any type of CMS, than I'm pretty impressed. And you should still include yourself in on the conversation and let me know how that's going for you.


If you aren't so hardcore and using a CMS, than let me know some details. I am continuously searching for the best CMS out there. I have come across some top-notch stuff and I've noticed that each CMS is different and everyone likes a different CMS. There really is no single best CMS. It all depends on what you are trying to do with it.



So this is the information I'm interested in finding out.



Name of your site:


Details: about your site such as what its intended to do for the public. And what you originally intended for it to do.

CMS: The history of all the CMS you have used and why you are currently using the CMS you are using.

Also include some of your favorite things about the CMS and things you don't like.


*Also if you want to give feedback about my site or if you want feedback on your site, I am always looking to improve my website. If you want a complete redesign of my website, you will have to do it for me. But constructive feedback is welcome.



Name of site: YouTrippy

URL: http://www.youtrippy.com/

Details: A portal into the psychedelic world.

My website was designed with people who are into the world of psychedelia.

It is a music website for those who enjoy the art of psychedelic music and all things psychedelic.

A lot of this music is not always known and you have to really search and get into it. So I figured, why not just have one main area that reviews this music? And has videos that can be found in one place.

With many people contributing.. it would help to get all these videos from YouTube into one place instead of having to search for hours on end, or finding them in the related videos after the video ends.

People can blog about their favorite artists and listen to some great music. There are also forums, a chat room, instant messaging, a link exchange, a wallpaper gallery, a video gallery, and prizes.

The major part of the site is the music. Most of it comes from YouTube.


What I originally intended for it was just a chatroom, forums, and music for people to just come hang out and comment and rate their favorite music. Also a wallpaper gallery.


While not much has changed, the main thing added and the central part of the site is the Blog area in which I, and encourage others, to write about their favorite psychedelic artists, bands, or find new ones and write about them, as well as share the music.



In my reviews of these CMS, I declare that I am not: saying any of these are bad systems. Although I have some negative reviews on them, there are also positive reviews about them. And I would likely use them all again depending on what I might need them for. They all have their functions and purposes for everything and everyone. They are all helpful and can be used to build a professional website. But it all depends on what you seek to do with it and how it works for you.


On the CMS: To each his own and what he feels most comfortable with.







PHP Fusion


I started off with PHP Fusion after being introduced to it by a friend. It was my start into learning about CMS and PHP. I learned quite a lot, especially about modification, and PHP code. It started off great and I found many plugins to be very useful. I had a free web host at the time, and made the entire website. After doing this, I figured it to be ready for public use, although I had still been working on a few codes . So I eventually found Xisto / Xisto - Web Hosting and bought a domain. After setting up everything, I just was not satisfied with it. I was getting a lot of visitors, but no one was really signing up. I realized there was a lot of bugs in the code itself and even at one or two points, my visitors weren't able to register or login. The YouTube gallery was also very buggy and after the second page, no more pages would load up. And I attempted to fix the code, and tried to rewrite the entire code, but it just wasn't going to happen. So I made my peace and thanked PHP Fusion for its time and said my farewell. I was off to find another CMS.






I wasn't really thinking about turning my site into a "blogging" site but I had read about all the plugins that could change WordPress into a type of Social Network - with help from BuddyPress. So I installed WordPress and everything was going well. The whole blog system worked great. Once I installed BuddyPress, however, along with a few other plugins, I began to receive errors in the code, so much that I actually had to reinstall it to gain access to anything again. After reinstalling it for a second time, I decided I would not install BuddyPress. I installed a few different plugins this time around, and still must've ran into a bad error, because the same thing happened again. So I really needed to move on and find a fast fix for my already-live site. WordPress is great for blogging and although there are literally hundreds of plugins, you must be very selective and picky and choosy about what you are going to use, because there are quite a few plugins that really just don't seem to work with WordPress.







Joomla is a CMS that I would have loved to explore more, if I had the chance to get past the plugins area. A new release had come out of Joomla and I read about a plugin that made old plugins work. I sought to install it but could not find it in the plugin list at all. What drove me to try Joomla was a website that I came across and wanted mine to be almost like it. I emailed the creator and he told me how much it would cost and what he made it with. Of course, while his price wasn't bad for someone wanting to build a site without any knowledge, I could've made the same thing in a few hours for less, and only the plugins would have cost me money. I checked out the plugin he made with Joomla for his site and read a lot of reviews -- all were very mixed. The fact was.. the plugin was just too commercial for me. It seemed to work well, but it just seemed it was too much of a social network. And there is a certain balance. I hate to say it.. and I hate that it is this way, but Facebook is the monopoly. It is best to compliment and work with the Giant than against it. So my motivations for wanting to create a social network were pushed aside to become something else. I moved on. In the future, I hope to get another chance to explore the realms of what Joomla has to offer.






ocPortal has been the final major CMS that I've checked out and the system I've stuck with. ocPortal offered exactly what I was looking for: Video gallery (that worked), photo gallery, Point (reward) system, blog/news for the admin and for members, forums, chatroom, instant messaging, and more. It also offers e-Commerce shopping and a Ticket Support system.


Although I ran into a few very minor bugs with ocPortal, mostly on the part of not configuring the system properly, I was on the forums and helped almost immediately by the programmers of ocPortal. Unlike with PHP Fusion (which I think has changed in the latest 7.02 version), ocPortal does its best not to show errors to your visitors, and only to you so you can try and fix the problem. You can also undo what you've done for mostly everything. Great SEO and security system. Monitor and logging. There is just so much about ocPortal that I liked. And it is a system that I stuck with and it works for me.


More features of ocPortal can be found here: http://ocportal.com/site/features.htm







So that is my reviews and what I'm currently using right now. I am still always looking to see what else I can learn and what else is out there -- what else is just as good or better.



Let me know the details of how you are powering your website!


IDK what is "Best" for you . best is an subjective but i would like to suggest Joomla its just fine.


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