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Need Help Making A Website Help


I basically want to learn the code or whatever to make a website,and how to make a server myself to put it in, and the tools i need, and anything else. It is always been something i wanted to learn, but so far i have had no luck. What i need most is a teacher. I need to know were to start. Im just taking a chance posting this on this site and hope someone can help . Any direction would be nice.


also if any1 would want to help him don't do it trought PM post it here i'm curious too and i want to learn new things


I found http://www.w3schools.com/ to be very helpful. There are lessons on the left. I learned a lot from this site, and I think HTML and CSS should be the best place to start. As for getting a place to try your code, you can either post here and earn money to buy a domain like http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ or download something that can be run locally on your computer. I think running a local server is the best way to start out as long as you don't expect many (or any) visitors to your practice site. A good way to try it out is to download http://www.wampserver.com/en/ which installs everything you need easily.


Between servers, coding and the likes, you will end up running for the hills, due to the complexity. Coding itself requires a substantial amount of time.

The biggest, and best advice I can give you, is to start out with a CMS (content management system) and play around with that first. They're pretty easy to install,

and play around with, but can take a bit to master. Once you get that down, then you can start messing with files, and how to change colors on specific parts, etc. This

will give you some basic understanding and knowledge on how all this works, instead of simply throwing yourself into the fray.


Millions and millions are donated toward cms's and they are designed, and programmed by many, many programmers and designers. Even if you taught yourself

all the odds and ends, it would still take around 10 years to make something like this yourself. Most cms are free of charge, and even a majority of their

extensions (forums, yahoo ask, etc) are free of charge. I would say, that you should start out a bit smaller, with Wordpress. From there, you can go to either

Joomla (my favorite), or try out Drupal, or some other CMS. Wordpress is the easiest of them all, I believe.






There are many other options on the market, but these three have the most funding (several millions per year), have the most programmers, and some of the best

extensions, and designs on the market. They're also 100% free.


Download the package, unzip the package, and use an FTP program to move it over to your server (I use filezilla).

Then you need to create a database in cpanel, and use the information it gives you after creating one, in the web setup. Yes

you set these up by simply going to your website. It's rather easy, and quite fun to play around with these systems.

But, I'm telling you now, that if you just dive right into coding, and styling, then you will want to scream and run away from

this because it's far too much to grasp. CSS alone is a ton to grasp, not to mention when you start throwing in mos (transparency), and

other effects that are higher css grades.


i love the design and color of the main page but i think it doesn't fit with the forum color. so you can just change the background color of the main page and make it exactly the same color of the forum and i think it will be great since the orange and yellow are fit with the dark blue either.


My opinion is quite different from hunjun. I liked the background color of the site and its perfect according to the forum.


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