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blender is a a very good design softwear

it has many features such as just make still thing animate things make your own games ect ect


it also has another great thing it is FREE!!!! and for FREE it is 1 of the best around


it is hard to get to using it but once u work it out or go to the tutorials it soon begis to make scence


i recomend you give it a try


the address for it is




well you see i am not very good with these sorts of things but this has been an easy 1 2 learn it takes a bit of time and concentration i would try it its a good free program!


Im aware of blender's existance from it's early versions, people are making such amasing stuff in that program.. but, I prefer to do stuff in 3dstudio - it's like windows to linux thing.. we all prefer linux - but work at windows.. so, there is no point here... anyway I agree Blender it really No.1 in FREE 3d programs.

Good Grief Graphics

I love blender now that I'm starting to figure it out. It's freakin awesome. Of course, I'd rather have something better, but it's free, so I can't complain.


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