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Break Up Or Make Up


Hi guys,So my relationship is 1 year and change long. He's loving, caring and never cheated on me. When I'm with him, I have doubts. He says everyone has doubts every now and then. When I'm away from him, I miss my best friend. I feel like I should be there for his family. At the same time, I know I need my distance. I have difficulty creating boundaries and am very nice. We still talk every day, even though I broke up with him. Not the first time we broke up, each time we makeup. I start to miss him, get weak and that's that. My gut is telling me to forget it...However, we are so involved in each other that I'm having a hard time tearing away. So used to seeing him every day, that it just seems like the natural thing to be with him. HALP! Thanks, guys.break up or make up


break up ofcourse. isn't that what you are choosing anyway? you said you had doubt and you have already broken up. let me enlighten you. not everyone has doubts. i think the time that you were with him showed you the way already so if you still have doubts, then the obvious answer is to break up. don't lead him on either. and let me tell you something else. there is nothing "nice" about breaking up with someone and letting them down if they feel something different than you do. it has to be done though sometimes....


you say he is nice guy and you wants to be with him as much as you can , then i think you truly love him and if you think he is a reliable person then breakup or make up is part of love , because we are human not robots .so just go on with him .


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