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Confusion, Please Help


Hi all, this is my first post. It might be a bit long so bear with me please =PBasically, i have a crush on this girl with me in college. Ive known her for about a year. Im gonna call her Janna. When we first saw eachother, she used to take short glances and stuff. So i started a conversation with her. From then on, we happened to be in the same courses together (cuz we are both in the same major). Later on, she said that she and her friends think that i am a really funny guy. And once, we were sitting together with a friend of mine, she said: "ur so cuute! can i eat you?" So i got the idea that she likes me. So i decided to ask her out, but a friend of mine asks her out before me. But she refused to go out with him for religous reasons.. And then i see her walking with some other random guy.. (maybe her BF). But she always smiles when she sees me, when we are walking, she walks close to me. Looks into my eyes. She also called me "her kootchie" (as in kootchie cute). So im left confused.. (she's not the player type though). She also asked me if i liked her. And i responded: "maybe". (i like being mysterious)She also has this really close friend, lets just call her X. I know X has a boyfriend and all. But we're pretty good friends. One day X starts asking me about my previous girlfriends and stuff. I answered her and told her that i was single. And she asks me if she could hook me up with someone in the same major as mine.. So i asked her if she was implying that someone in class likes me, and she said that she wasnt implying anything.X also flirts alot with me. She touches me, and also thinks that im a really funny guy. And she also called me cute.. When we sit, our legs touch often and she keeps on moving it up and down my leg, as in: her legs are crossed towards me and she rubs her crossed leg on mine constantly. (maybe shes just being flirty?) On a side note, i have been called cute by a lot of girls. But this one says it differently..She also comments on my statuses from time to time. She also becomes happy when she knows that we are going to take a course together (but she'll also become happy when she knows shes gna take it with my friend also o.0)And yes, i did show her that i was interested by telling her that i tought she was cute..I tend to text her. And i she asks me to call her if i have any questions about a specific subject...But recently, she stopped texting me alltogether. Its been like a week since she texted me (by she, im refering to Janna). If i dont text her, she doesnt initiate the texting.. (maybe she lost interest?)So does Janna like me? She rejected my friend, so thats not really encouraging..Toughts?


First of all let me ask you a question, do you afraid of hearing "no" ? or what will you do if some one rejects your request for getting out or things like this ?Both questions are very important, it seems that you are thinking about these things all the day or at least some hours a day, but i think you should not, look these things should be very easy to you (it seems it is your first attend) you should not bother yourself thinking that is she liking me or not, if you want the answer do not ask here and do not ask yourself too, just ask her. i suggest you to ask here to see if she is interested in going out with you just the nest time you saw her, if the answer was yes then just continue your way but if the answer was no then do not think about why she said no to me, just go on and try another one and this is the difference between love and like, when you love someone you should insist on what you want but when you like some one then if you get the "NO" word just go and like another one . sometimes you will hear a third answer and that is something like "not right now but maybe later" , so this is somehow a yes too but it means you need to work on the case more to get the positive result (but if you ask me if the answer was not a straight yes then just forget like you forget you bad scores).The second question i have made in the first is very important too, i can see many peoples around me doing insane things for being with a girl, just see and thing about what you will do and how you will behave with her after hearing no because you have to see her everyday, by the way it is very strange for me that you haven't told your friend about her and so he went for her first, if you want to be with her then tell the story to your friends otherwise someday you will see one of your friends with her. as you have the opportunity to know her more by her friend then do not loose this opportunity and ask X to see what Y likes and what she is interested in that haven't told to you.Final suggestion, if i were in your situation i just forget both X and Y (or the name you call her) and you know why, because this is really not good to see them (whether they have said yes or no) just every day in different classes, just imagine that you get a "yes" and the someday she see you with another girl that the girl is just asking you for helping her in a course or something like that, then this is just beginning of your problem. this is why i always insist on saying people to do not date with some one who is in your school or collage or university, if you want to date someone then pick her from another places and again i suggest you to date with some one who is not living in a place closer than 20km from your house .


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