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Help....i'm Trapped With Wix I need a drag and drop alternative to this company


I was looking out for easy website creation and came across WIX. I fell in love with how simple it was, however.....I've become trapped as I had no choice but to upgrade to get the 'benefits' that I required, i.e, having my own domain name instead having their business name plastered all over my website! Unlimited space and so forth...However....since creating the website, I have several requests to make websites and I aint going to upgrade for 3 more people. I need some advice on editing software that I can buy JUST ONCE and have control of the hosting: drag and drop facility like WIXI've tried some others....and they really are rubbish.HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my website is http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
tell me what you think of the design guys.


Indeed, trapped; your website is mostly dependent on the Wix website. If you block wix.com in your browser and visit your website, you'll see it no longer looks good (as expected). Wix seems like a Flash WYSIWYG with some extra functionality. If you want to break out of your "prison," i would suggest to avoid being dependent on front-ends. Most websites don't require Flash to achieve the same thing, and you'd be getting the most flexibility available if you learned how to code a website from scratch.I don't think you'd be finding anything similar where you need only pay once?without a steep learning curve, that is. I don't know of any programs or other websites that do the work for you for a one-time only fee. If you're looking to build a website in Flash, then you'll need Adobe Flash, but, of course, that is not what you're looking for. I, however, wouldn't want my website to be dependent on a third-party website.


Hmm first of all your page did take me a lot to load, this is not very nice because my connection is not very slow too it is 8mbps so first you need to implement a none flash version of your website too that user can click to see your non flash version if he had a low speed connection, i have another advice too, as you know an all flash website is not very SEO friendly so try to use flash contents occasionally not base your website on flash anyway these two are advices and it depends on your deciesion what to do.Felling in love with such website builder always causes many problems that you have faced only one of them. if you want another software like that with ability of drag and drop here is my recommendation : Intuit Website Creator , you can try their demo for 30 days, first try the demo and see if it suits you then buy , but its main problem is that you have to pay monthly which seems is your main problem so you can just remember this one is the best but if you want to pay only once then there is another good software out there named "Web Easy" you can buy it for around 50$, it is very nice software for building an e-commerce website with many features and a huge number of templates. the main problem is that they provide free host for three months with their package which as i know you can not decline it and get only the software for less price but anyway there is another version named "Web Easy E-commerce Version" which i don't know what is the difference between it and the normal one but i think it has more features for building an e-commerce website. both package comes with 500 templates which i think is enough for building a website. you can test these softwares and if none of them suited you another alternative is Web Studio but it is a little expensive without any better feature so you can test it too, i have only tested the first one and i can say it is very good for building a website but i only used it once and then i went for CMS, i now make any of my website based on open source CMSes because i can customize them as i want and i can do anything with them, so think about using a CMS too, it is not a bad idea . i should mention all of softwares i have said are completely supporting a flash website but about a complete webstie i only know that Intuit you can do it but with others i don't know.


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