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Ruby On Rails Vs. Python


I'm a PHP/Mysql programmer and I'm deciding which programming languages should I learn between Python and Ruby on Rails? I heard Python is very easy to learn and the syntax is not hard to understand.


Python is very easy to learn and deploy on web host. For example, once you learned python and wants to deploy it on the web server it is very easy to do if host supports python. You don't need to play with server settings or command line to do that. Host will have enough tools to get you started using django or simply pasting pages on file manger and then running the address will work fine with some host.For ruby on rails, it's hard to manage things if there is no way you can access the java based command line on cpanel or helm. This will slow you down but if you done this then there is equal learning curve to set things up for site.


After some research, I decide to use Ruby. I did some tutorial online (without any installation and such) on Rails on Zombie and I found this language very fun and interesting. I will also try to use a Rail on Ruby's framework called NetBeans.


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