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Joomla Website Can Work On Any Other Computers Localhost


Hay Guys...There is a problem i am facing..May any one can help me..i installed xampp on my computer and install joomla 1.5 and started working... i completed my website and i have to give it to my teacher as a project...Now one solutions for this problem is that i give him the:-1. exported Database sql file 2. my website folder which is placed in htdocs/But through this way xampp should must be installed on my teachers computer and then place all files on their specific places which is a long work...Is there any other method to give my joomla website to someone and he can view it easily without much workingShare you solutions except telling me to uload it on ftp and give them the website link..


Your XAMPP installation is most likely a portable one. You can check this out yourself. Just move the xampp directory to a random location and run setup_xampp.bat and let it relocate the paths. now run start up both apache and mysql, it should work fine. If not check if by any chance you have installed apache /MySQL as a service. If so, stop those services first. In any case it should work on your teachers PC

I want to start XAMPP without setupIf you extract XAMPP in a top level folder like "C:\" or "D:\", you can start most servers like Apache or MySQL directly without execution of the file "setup_xampp.bat".

Not using the setup script, or selecting relative paths in the setup script, is preferred if you are installing XAMPP on a usb drive. Because on each pc such a drive can have an other drive letter. You can switch from absolute to relative paths at any time with the setup script.

So just inform the teacher to copy the files to the topmost hierarchy of a drive.

Well, the best thing is to have your xampp folder setup in say C:\xampp and tell your teacher to copy it to same drive. It should work.

Edit: BTW, I think you might just hand these files to your teacher in a CD.


You have to place the extracted joomla zip folder into HTDOCS directory. From there you can run the installation easily. I guess this is where you are actually stuck. Unless you get folder on right path you don't get issue solved and plus make sure your XAMPP server is running. That is very important all the services should be green in order to run installation or the script in production form.


I've tried XAMPP and disliked it. I think it's much easier to use WAMP.

The only problem I've seen is with the PHP settings that can be changed with one click.


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