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How To Get A Boy Friend Advice for girls


How to get a boy friend?The most important thing is to feel confident.[media]http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/]


stop spamming video links. we are looking for ORIGINAL content here on Xisto.


Defence of the start topic and the amount of video links


stop spamming video links. we are looking for ORIGINAL content here on Xisto.


Thank you for your kind advice.


It seems necessary to calm down some people who are stuck to their old habits and to give an explanation about the way this topic is started.




The diversity and the amount of videos are a sort of necessary to show the different approaches that can be used to get a boy friend. The diversity is linked to show as well that there is not one single way to get a boy friend. So the amount of videos linked in the topic has a reason.


The topic and the links can make a person very happy. And this is a serious topic. A lot of people face problems regarding this issue. So all sorts of advice and approaches can be welcome and can be helpfull for people who have some kind of a problem to find a boy friend.




The disadvantage on putting the focus on the amount of links posted in the topic start post distracts the attention from the subject of this topic. It is more appreciated when future replies dig into the subject and the best ways to get a boy friend.




So please try to relate to the situation of the audience this topic is ment for when posting a reply.


And please stay on topic.


Off topic

To the people who intent to post a negative reply or already did:

Please read this topic. and read this topic.


Maybe the comment is right. Maybe 1 or 2 videos whould have been enough to show that there are videos on Youtube that give advice about this subject. So if somebody might have the opinion that there are too many videos posted in the first post please ignore the other videos. That is how easy life can be.


sorry, but Xisto isn't youtube and youtube isn't Xisto. you offered absolutely ZERO original content. sure, videos should be allowed and posted, but it should directly relate to the post itself. since you posted nothing but videos, not only is it spam, but irrelevant. just because the videos pertain to the topic title you personally wrote, doesn't make it any more relevant.if you have knowledge to share on Xisto, please share your knowledge. normally, i wouldn't have said a thing if you only posted multiple videos in one topic, but you did it more than once. if people want knowledge from videos, then they will go to youtube directly and search for what they specifically want.if all people did was go in to each topic, start a thread, write a topic title, search youtube for semi relevant videos, and post nothing but videos, this forum would turn to crap. again, this is not a video site. this is a forum where people post in and read from. not a place to spam videos.even if you limited the # of videos in your posts, there would still be no content displayed in the search engines where people could actually search out your posts. the only people who will really see what you posted is the members.lastly, if you think for one second someone is going to sit at their computer and view all those videos you posted, i think you are fooling yourself.now if you have any opinions on to how to get a boyfriend, please post them, otherwise, YOU are off topic which would be the pot calling the kettle black.


well anwii is right ..u could have summarized the videos...what is the use of your post on ks ..if we have to visit utube for all that advice...it would have been easy to read your words than listening to them


In this case Anwii has a massive point and arguining any more would just be plain foolishness. Now there was another way the post could have been made. He should have done research as in watched the videos and then summarised in his / her own words what knowledge or comparisons they received from the videos. THen further gone to say if you dont understand what I mean and need full or further details please see attached videos. That way we watch the videos trying to understand deeper the subject already expressed. You went to school and when you were school what did teachers do? Did you walk int 8th grade or what ever level you did say English Literature and when you got into class teacher just wrote on the board Todays lesson: please watch ROMEO AND JULIET BY SHAKESPEAR its available in the library and provide you with it HEX Number or whatever number system they use in library. No they did not. THey went into the whole detail as they saw it and you had the video or story book as a teaching aid. When I clicked on this thread and saw a heading and just videos I was like you must be kidding. I aint watching that bollox. Couldnt the person have written stuff down than span these probably advert videos for some silly product which prolloy arent even relevant to the topic. Next thing I did was scroll past t he videos and read the comments resulting from the video. Its possible the video would have taken 30 each to watch and reading the thread responses took 5 minutes but I felt more at ease reading the thread responses not the video watch which i still havent done and look at this. To further prove Anwii's point we are all more interested in what they should have written or not written on the post than what they actually wrote on the post. Meaning the videos actually turned out to be completely a distraction from the topic at hand which I believe is how to get a Boyfriend. The Origial post is hence in my sight off topic and as result the rest of the thread will concentrate on something thats not getting a boyfriend. Maybe the topic should have been called how to distract people from the actually topic. That would have been perfect for this thread.if i get time maybe I will watch the videos and see how relevant to the topic they are but I think thats no longer the point here. That point was lost when the original post was made.


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