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Photo's On Web Site I am wondsering if there is a good photo gallery script available free


Hi I have a web site that i am creating for my local junior cricket club. The issue that I am having is that I need to have a a photo gallery that will display images of trips, presentation nights etc. So if anyone knows of a good photo gallery script that wont watermark my pictures that would be greatly appreciated.Also if anyone has any ideas how i can make a photo rotator for the home page so a random picture will appear as the page is opened.Thanks heaps


here is a link for some photo galleries i hope it will be good for you





and here is a script i tested before for banner rotater, this code will be in a separate php file, for example banner.php


<?php$Img1 ="path image1 ";$Img2 ="path image2 ";$Img3 ="path image3 ";$num = rand (1,3);$Image = ${'Img'.$num};Print "<img src=\"".$Image."\" >"; ?>

and you must use the include function to call banner.php


<?php include("banner.php");?>

good luck.


Well, the PHP solution that web_designer has suggested is good.

If you prefer javascript you might use on of the jQuery plugins that are available for free. I recommend:

slidesJS which gives you some cool effects. You can use the example included in the source code to make your own gallery.


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