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Online Browser Game Questions A few questions about what is needed and where to start


Hiya! Well ive designed a strategy browser game (on paper ), ive allways wanted to make this game the idea has been in my head for like 10 years or maybe more, so nows the time to make it come to life. Ive looked all over the web and not found anything helpfull so here ive got some questions:¿where to start?, im guesing the obviuus, im gonna need to learn html and css for webpage layout, but what else would i need to learn to be able to make a web page like this.¿How long will it take to make? i know its not a 2 or 3 day job just wondering if 1 person was working on something this big 8 hours a day are we talking 6 months? a year? or is this project too big for one person.¿Does a web page like that need a lot of resources? ¿Would i need a special type of host? ¿or do i just need a normal web page with extenden BW?Well thats it for now if anyone can answer any of them questions or has got an opion about this topic it will be apreciated


There are several ways you can approach the implementation of your browser based game. You can use Flash or you can use old-school web browser games like Udominion. I'm not familiar with the technology needed but here are some of the things you may need:

HTML and CSS Knowledge

PHP (For attack calculations, randomzation of enemies, etc)

Database - For accounts

That's the basic. As for the time needed to complete the game, it depend on your proficiency. If you're a complete beginner, it may take more than 6 months (the first 3-4 months to learn the basics of HTML/CSS and PHP/MySQL).


My recommendation is:Start to learn:- HTML - on the level of understanding HTML code;- CSS - simple solution (there is no need to learn full CSS for the beginners);- PHP - how to: use variables, connect to database, query database, read and process outpus from database, object programming;- MySQL - building the queries for the database (why MySQL - most popular database on the hostings).Instal your oun WWW server like WAPM.And follow the steps:1. After basic programing learning start to make your first version of your game (only one of the functionalities of your game).2. Improve you programming skills by analyzing the code.3. Start new (improved) version of your game (more functionalities).4. Go to point no 2.And remember practice makes master!


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