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Please Review My Web


Please review my web.
Could you please give me your suggestion and feedback. Thanks!


it is a very simple and organized site, the structure is good and elegant. but i think it needs more colors here and there to make the design more attractive, for example you need an interesting header, well you should add a good header to your site or at least a good logo that represents you and your site, it is the first thing that attracts the eye when visitors enter any site. and when i say a header or an attractive logo i mean a showy title for your site not just a name near ads, you really need to reduce ads from your site, you use a lot that disturb the reader, especially in the header, they confuse the visitors i think.and the tags is kinda missed up it needs more work on it, there are a big verity between fonts i think you need to fix it a little bit.other than those you did a good work, do your best and good luck.


hmmm. i have to disagree with wd. i don't see it as good or elegant at all. i see a little bit of professionalism mixed in with unprofessionalisim. it may be slightly organized, but over all, the who site is nothing but average or below average. now you want suggestions? go google other blogs to get ideas. i can write a book on how to improve your site but i ain't gonna do it.


I dont agree that the site is organized. AT a quick glance, and i stress quick. I cant see what you site is about or what it is advertising. The navigation isn't great and i would like more colour. You obviously have an idea to some degree so just spend more time on it. Really seems like too many people rush their site's nowerdays. In a Nut shell:- A logo- More Colour- Better layout and navigationGood luck with it, and as always im here to answer questions. For what my opinion is worth.


The site looks stuffed and needs better navigation, maybe some round corners to impress the guest, visitor or member.


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