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Limit To Luxury Morally good thing to do or human rights violation


When we talk about luxury everyone has a different definition about it. For some it means having a big house, expensive things and a big car with loads of money and for some it might be in small small things. For me luxury means to go on a holiday away from the city life and just relax, :)or on a day off wake up late, just stay back at home, sit on the terrace with a nice hot cup of coffee and a nice book to read or just have a nice family time which now a days usually most of the people don't get to, having so many tasks in hand to complete .


Limiting luxury is god for yourself in the first place if you’re seeking happiness. That fact that you would still want more luxury will distract you from enjoying what you already have.

Luxury is somehow related to social rank. People sometimes seek more luxury to climb the social ladder. I would go for a decent level of good life where I don’t have to suffer.

The endless hunger for luxury resulted in unfair distribution of wealth and hence the poverty.

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