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Set Path For Mysql Which Is Installed In Xampp Server


Hi friends,

When we work in xampp server,we can only access mysql using the php admin only.You can access mysql database externally too.I hereby introducing how to set path to execute mysql from command path whicch is installed along with xampp server.


The below steps are for Windows OS:

set path by right clicking my computer

2.click properties> click advanced tab>click environment variable> edit path of system variable


3.include the below line after ;(semicolon)



4.click ok three times.

5.then open notepad window type the below line

mysql -h localhost -u root -p


6.save the file as mysql.bat


7.close the file..


8.Then double click the mysql.bat file

9.the command prompt will ask mysql password( if there is no password . just enter)

you can execute queries here..


Hope this helps


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