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Thegtasector.com Review Dedicating the series of Grand Theft Auto by Rockstar Games Take


The GTA Sector.com (aka TGTAS) is a Grand Theft Auto fansite dedicated to the video game series from Rockstar Games and TakeTwo Interactive Entertainment. We are dedicated to bringing resources, GTA news, disucssions, media and more for the fans of the Grand Theft Auto game series!

I would like a nice basic / intermediate review on how I can enhance things on the forums of TheGTASector. We are fully in partnership with the sites in our affiliates/links section at the bottom of the board. (GTAForums, GTAGaming, Rockstar Watch, RockstarBase and MP-Gaming). If I could get some suggestions to make the site better, please do NOT hesitate to tell me.

Much appreciated.


well, i tried to make a review on your forum but i get this error message"This board is currently offline."but, in general, i like the header it blends good with all these images and the forum title, also you could add something creative for the footer, for example, make your footer in dark color and put a photo of one of the game characters and make it blend with it.if your forum is up again,post it here, and ?will make another review. good luck.?


It's good, but I'd suggest looking into other color themes as well. ?Because I would try out a black/dark theme if my site was about GTA.About the structural components of the site, I think you should make "Join us on facebook" and actual link (well it's not working for me on Opera if it is already) + it doesn't look like it belongs there. Maybe blend it in more or relocate.I like the smooth transitions between different screenshots in your header. But with my 1440 x 900 resolution, your banner ends on the right and there's a gray background there. Perhaps you ?could make the image longer OR have a smoother transition (like a fade out or something) to the gray background. Centering the image might also be an option, but I don't know if it'll work.


UPDATE: The Forums skin is now complete, and forum is now open for new community members to join up.


In the past couple years since TheGTASector was first launched (in: 28th May 2008) we gained a few members (around 40-50 odd) got the forum active for a few months. Since we are back, forums skin development is complete, and the forums reopen again, we are hoping that we will get bigger, more popular than-ever! So please don't you DARE!! hesitate to give us some suggestions! Your suggestions are what makes our website complete. Don't you forget that.


Forum Design Update: The forums design is done for now, however we will always be making some slight adjustments, so your suggestions are greatly appreciated in the Suggestions area. We do also greatly appreciate our users bring Bugs & Errors into the Management(s) attention, as we cannot have leaking errors and bugs everywhere, now can we?


Facebook: Although the Facebook logo is on our banner, it is not redirectable. We will get the logo separate soon.


Graphics & Design: If you fit this category and would like to help us with development, and/or Graphics design, please drop us a thread in the "RESTRICTED AREA" under the "Recruitment & Volunteer Requests" section. Please also note, that all Guests and Members will have access to the "RESTRICTED" area of the forums, but will only see the following few forums:


Trash & Testing

Recruitment & Volunteer Requests

So, if you'd like to volunteer please submit a thread in the Recruitment & Volunteer Requests forum and we will get back to you depending on how you give a brief overview of your work, and telling us how you can be useful to the community. If your work is exceptional and impressive, we will recruit you to the team. - Please also read the Volunteer Guidelines!




At this post time, the site dose not load


At this post time, the site dose not load


This webpage is not available.

Their domain shut down? If it was pointed to the wrong nameservers then it would say it does not exist. This says not available. Either that or a DDOS.


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