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Reading Ebooks On Ipad PDF to EPub Converter


Combined with my personal experience, I want to talk about a new useful application--PDF to EPub Converter, which can help me read my Ebooks on iPad I had bought.

I have bought an iPad since Apple released it. The first image came in my mind was that it would be a nice portable device to view Ebooks. But unfortunately there is a single mention of PDF support for the iPadâin the mail application as an attachment, which means, I can only view my Ebooks with PDF format in the mail. I feel some inconvenient compared to experience on my Mac using Preview.

Thusly, for a long time I wanna Search for an approach or application in Apple Store to help me view PDF files and Ebooks on my iPad using Preview. And now I think I would find the way to instead of viewing them as attachments of the mail. Google told me that EPub format based Ebooks could be view perfectly on iPad, which means, I need only convert PDF to EPub using the relative application, and then I can view my PDF files on iPad normally. I think this is a gift for my iPad and Ebooks which could be view on Mac or PC before.

Share this Application if you have ever encountered the similar problems with me: PDF to EPub Converter


thank you stvenwesley for these information. i found it very useful, since i am one of those who wants to read ebooks on my phone if i have a time. and the application you mentioned will make things easier to me, thank you for sharing.


I am glad that you would like that application. I think it is not only for me to read ebooks on my iPad. As EPub is a standard format for ebook viewing on portable device, I can use it on Kindle, iPod Touch and etc.. thought I have never use Kindle before As I have purchased that application, I find that GoogReader can definitely help me read ebooks on iPad, it cost me litle and is easy to use. I think if you just wanna read ebooks on your iPad, Goodreader would be enough.


I usually use online converter http://iiiconverter.com/ and it's quite enough for me, but for bulk conversion of course we need desktop software. Thank you for the suggestion.


That's pretty goodThanks so much.


Wow good find .. But im wondering if it'll work on my Symbian phone. True it has a pdf reader but the darn thing never seems to let me read any document big enough to be worth carrying. Im planning to go for a kindle for the e-ink but i need something till then ! :|

The Simpleton

@StvenWesley: So you use the iPad only to read Ebooks? That's a really costly ebook reader! There are other tablets in the making, which are all set to give tough competition to the iPad. I think it would be better for us to compare these new models with the iPad before deciding to purchase any of them. Since you've already purchased the iPad, I hope you're enjoying its (limited) features. How about giving us all a quick review?


Hi there,Anyway, I've been downloading PDF files of books that are not yet available in the iBook store (wow you'd be AMAZED at how many books are on Kindle but not on ibooks!!!) and I convert them with a program called Calibre. It's pretty simple to use, but there are a LOT of options. Converting PDF to other formats almost never works well no matter what conversion program you use. Kindle books, on the other hand, turn out almost always perfectly into ipub once the DRM has been removed. I think I found out how by googling something like kindle, drm, remove.Thanks,Vicky


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