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Weather Widget Or Script Localised using IP adress


I would be chuffed if someoen could give us a script or link linking me to a script that will detect the website visitors I.P Adress and calculate the location of the visitor and then using that data display the local weather.I have an internet radio station and I think this would be a brilliant bit to add to the website home page. I dont really like the ones where you have enter the post code yourself because if you are in a non postcode area say South Africa then you a fooked. I'd love to get something that will automatically update from on of the weather forecast severs and display bright graphics and Tempreture. Similar to i-google. if you customize your google page you get a weather feature thats local to you. Unfortunately I dont remeber if I had to put my postcode manually but when I start google it brings up a page which has the current weather in one corner and the min and max tempreture too Theres a picture with the Sun or Clouds or rain or wind then underneath is tommorows forcast and tempreture Minimum and Maximum.Any help given or advice is greatly appreciated


i believe there was a topic started about this a year ago or so so you might want to try to search for that thread. if not, i believe the user "echo_of_thunder" here runs a weather website. you might want to pm him to see if he can offer any suggestions.


i am not quite sure of what do you want to do? i mean how do you want to connect visitors with weather!!!
but i will try to help, this link for a weather website contain weather stickers show the daily weather of your local area, all you have to do is choose a sticker, click on it, copy the script and past it in your website.


this link for PHP scripts or wordpress plugin "if you use wordpress cms" to add weather to you site


this link for weather ajax script


i hope i could help, good luck.


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