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[flash Cs4] Button Acting As A Scroll With Mouse Event In As3?


Hi all! I'm new here, just found these forums on Google.

First of all, I want to appologise if there is some topics like this, but I searched whole forums and didn't find any
that finishes my problem.

Now the important one. As I stated in topic title, I need an AS3 code that's doing the thing. This is what I want to
accomplish. I have a MC(image) in the center of my screen, and have two buttons, one on right and one on left
side of that MC. I want to scroll (image is like a menu) that MC left or right on mouse events, down or over.
So, I just want to change MCs X value while holding mouse button on buttons or just hovering over them.
I have managed to do that, but it's only moving by one value I have entered after a mouse event.
Here's a piece of code I did.

buttonL1_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, buttonL1Pressed);

function buttonL1Pressed(event:MouseEvent):void{

var temp:int = 0;
var temp1:int = 0;
temp = paleta1_mc.x;
temp1 = temp - 5;
paleta1_mc.x = temp1;


I hope you understood me, and have a clue how to help me with this.

Thank you very much in advance!



I think the problem is in this line:temp = paleta1_mc.x;the value of temp variable will be always equal to paleta1_mc.xMaybe if you use ENTER_FRAME event to increase that variable that will make the picture move.But you'll need to remove that event once the mose is up to stop the movement.


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