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Cms And Rss Questions


Is it possible to convert my current website, which I currently have made myself with all the pages (I use Text Crawler if I need to edit multiple lines), into a CMS (Content Management System)?Anyone suggest a good CMS that I could convert my current website's theme (Address on sig.) into a CMS? I'd be grateful with any suggestions. I was also wondering about RSS feed and how I could implemented on my website. I searched on Google but I couldn't find any direct answer to this. Just trying to improve my website, Dan. :angel:


What kind of features are you looking for in your CMS? You could turn your website into a simple CMS very easily.As for the RSS, most CMS have a feed implemented, but I don't know much about that.


I want to be able to edit/add/delete pages. I've tried out some CMS but I wanted to turn my current website into one. What I'm doing right now is if I wanted to add a 'tutorial' I would copy the html code from the 'How to create a YouTube background' and just edit it.About the navigation I will have a look at the PHP include, should be very helpful.


All CMS will definitely allow you to Edit/Add/Delete Pages and they also have RSS implementation as rejected said..What makes each CMS unique is how they implement those basic functions.. Some will give you drag and drop options while other will require you to manually add some code to further the functionalities of your website..Have you tried using CMS before? I personnaly use ModX CMS... there is a slight learning curve but once you get the hang of it..it will be easy and you got full control of the design which I am happy coz I can barely design a website so all I do is port free themes online and tweak them to my need...


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