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Connect To Ssh With Private Key


Hello,To connect to a certain server, I've received keyfiles :key.ppkkey.privkey.pubThe person who gave me that use putty on windows.There is putty on linux (the system I'm using) but I don't see why I should do that with this ugly interface why I can do it simply in the terminalI read that I had to put the content of the key (the ppk or priv ?) in ~/.ssh/authorized_keysI tried to connect with "ssh -i /path/to/key.ppk root@myserver" but it still ask me the password (which I don't know)as it didn't works with the classical ssh, I gave a try to putty but here I've a message "Server refused our key" and ask the passsame with the command line "putty -i /path/to/key.ppk root@myserver"any idea ?I'm starting wondering if the guy did something wrong on the server side...thank you


ok there was a problem on the server side

the ~/ssh/authorized_key is for the server only

to connect, I've to use

ssh -i mykey.priv login@myserver


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