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Wordpress Fix Blank Page Problem In Your Website


A few days ago I got a blank page error, after I was editing my code. So, I checked my cpanal and it was doing great, therefore, I assumed that I made some error when I was adding the code which generate a blank page error.


After a few searching on the net. I found the solution for this problem and I decided to share it with you just in case anyone will have the same-which I hope not-




First, I noticed that blank page mostly happened when you are using wordpress. So, these are some tips to fix that problem:




1- turn off all your plug-ins.


2- If you have a backup then restore it (wordpress files and data base files).


3- If you are using a theme not the default one then activate the default theme in your wordpress.


4- Update your wordpress version to the newer one.


5- Check your .htaccess file, if you find any extra code that you are sure you didn't add it then remove it. If you didn't have a .htaccess file, create one (you can find how to create a .htaccess file on the net).


6- Check what PHP version you have






7- Check this (WordPress should compress articles (gzip) if browsers ask for them).


8- Check error logs in your cpanal if there is an error message that can help you.




In my case, no.3 fixed my problem. I think that I broke my active theme which is not the default one when I was trying to edit the code.


I hope you will find my post useful.


Blank page means there is some error in your PHP file. To solve this problemfirst Deletes your browsers cached files. And find out that the theme you are using is compatible with the wordpress and set to default theme.


I've had this problem a bunch of times since I recently started coding the themes and tweaking them in Wordpress. Sometimes, when you leave "blank" spaces or lines after the ending code of your header.php or functions.php, this problem starts happening. This blank space seems to be the "real" culprit since i have seen a dozen problems of blank pages being fixed by taking out the additional space. But I think the latest 3.0.1 version of WordPress doesn't look at the blank spaces anymore, so just update your WP and you should be safe. @Nik - How can it be a PHP error? If there is a php error, it says a error line like "Error on line 34: /wp-content/themes/yourtheme/something.php file". And also if you CAN'T change your theme to the default since its a blank space in the admin area too, just FTP to your webspace and make a copy of your theme, rename and then delete it. It should automatically switch back to the default Kubrick (2.9) or TwentyTen (3.0) theme.


@Nik - How can it be a PHP error? If there is a php error, it says a error line like "Error on line 34: /wp-content/themes/yourtheme/something.php file".

That means error reporting was turned off in PHP. Do you know how annoying it is to have it turned off on you? On my Ubuntu system error reporting was turned off by default when viewing it through the browser by Ubuntu (presumably for security reasons). I can get the errors to show up if i run it through the terminal or if i explicitly tell PHP to enable error reporting.


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