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The Gta Sector.net A forum dedicated to the Grand Theft Auto video game series



The GTA Sector (aka TGTAS) is a Grand Theft Auto fansite dedicated to the video game series from Rockstar Games and Take 2 Interactive Software. We provide all the latest news for the whole Grand Theft Auto series, aswell as Information, Gallery (coming soon), Downloads, Tips, FAQs, Cheats, General/Technical Support, and more!

Latest Site News:

Forum Skin: Our forum skin has been completed, though their may be a few unexpected glitches/bugs in the skin templates (in which we'd like you to Report them if you encounter any.

Wanted Level System: I have completely re-vamped and re-coded our Warning system from the old IP.Board 2.3 system, and now has new features currently exclusive to TheGTASector.

Admin CP Security: I have coded a few php scripts and mods for our forums security. It will be much harder for hackers to infiltrate our Administrator accounts to gain access to the Control Pane :: Since Administration Panels are restricted area's to our fellow members, guests and viewers (guests) we shall not to into detail since this could potentially be a Security risk, and therefor would not be wise.

Updates/Announcements: As-of-now, we are currently putting aside the announcements as we continue to fix minor skin bugs. When known bugs are patched up, we will have an announcement of the new patch.

Additional Information: Not much "additional info", apart from that our forums are now open, and registrations have been re-enabled. So, all I'd like to say is,

Please be sure to give us a visit!

Nelson Blogs

The forum looks nice. The last time I played Grand Theft Auto was a few years ago with San Andreas. The only thing I do not like about your site is the side-to-side scrolling. It bothers me. I think that side-to-side scrolling is as ancient as 800 x 600 desktop resolutions. Oh, and the ads at the bottom. I accidentally clicked on one while trying to press the scroll button on the mouse. It opened the ad in a new tab. I am not sure if the click counted but if it did, here is a free click.


Thanks. The scrolling I can't seem to find to fix. It's probably the lengh of the forum skin, but yeah, the Forum Skin is the Gamr skin from skinbox.net. I purchased it for TGTAS since it's a nice gaming feel! :DThanks for reviewing, and I hope you can give me some suggestions of things you'd like to see on the forums.


UPDATE: I have installed the IP.Shoutbox (same one as Trap has), but has no flood limits. However, there is a post count requirement of 10 posts. 10 posts can easilly be done, by just posting in different forums. :)More updates soon!


Hey guys, this is just another update on TGTAS!

We have been undergoing some creative coding on our sites webtemplate, so that will not be ready for a few weeks. I have managed to make a new advertising signature aswell, so those who would like to participate in advertising TGTAS if you could PM me here or on TGTAS forums.

Advertising code:

[center][URL=http://http://www.tgtas.com/ GTA Sector (aka TGTAS) is a Grand Theft Auto fansite dedicated to the video game series from Rockstar Games and Take 2 Interactive Software.[/center]
Link: TGTAS.com


Quick new update on the site;

TGTAS.com can be now used as an additional link to TGTAS. We have started to make a new page on the "TGTAS.com" domain so you can just click the site logo and redirect to the forums.

Our website will be started on Saturday and should be done by a week on Saturday.

Please comment and submit your suggestions.



Design of GTASector is good. But only thing i have found that horizontal scrolling is stretched for me. I have 1024x768 resolution and forum theme is stretching for me. Ah, anyway stuff like this will not both those who have higher resolution and screen. Just noticed that this scrolling issue is already noted by someone else as well. Anyway, good luck with launch and good to see that you got the small tld for the site.


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