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How To Establish A Software Firm


i am a b.tech computer sience student.i want to establish my own software firm after my degree completion,,,can any body suggest in detail how can i start???what will be average establishing cost and how much of space i require????plz its urgent so reply in full details.


Hi!@onkarnath2001The first thing you need to come up with is a plan of what your business would do and how it would generate revenue. Establishing costs and space are dependent on the size and location of the business you intend to setup. There are some firms that start off with just two computers in a studio apartment while there are others that have fifty computers and two storeys in a building - the cost difference between the two is large! Also, you might want to get some experience by working in a software development firm before you go about starting your own firm so you can get a feel of the real problems that organizations face and the industry-wide solutions to such problems.You can get a lot of the details that you require by talking to software firms that are in your region. They can provide you with more accurate costs than somebody across the globe. They may also be able to provide you with sales leads that you can use to get started.


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