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Grlevelx review of the GRLevel-3 software


Hello everyone
I just wanted to give you all a little review of some software that I use. It is called GRlevel-3. It is a Nexrad weather radar software. What it does is to gather radar images from all of the US Weather Radars in the United States. and shows them on your computer. the site is. http://www.grlevelx.com/grlevel3/ The trail version is only for 21 days however, which is more than enough to give it a spin. The program also has a FTP which is very simple to understand where you can upload the radar images to your server.

For GRlevel 3 the price of the program really is not that bad $80.00 and that is just a 1 time payment.
there are also some "Addons" you can use too such as being able to add weather watch boxes when the nation weather service has issued them. on the Echo Scale I would have to rate this a 9.8. the other .2 points however have to go to if you happen to be on Dialup which and don't laugh I am still. sometimes the FTP is slow to get going.


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