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Computer Troubleshooting troubleshooting s/w problem for windows


hi every onelets start discussion on common computer based on s/w problems1.common drivers' problem for installing drivers for hardware .(eg.- installing sound drivers in hp & compaq laptops for xp)2.common virus problems like disabled Task manager,,disabled registry,,Disabled keyboard(some keys), disabled hardwares etc.3.common BIOS problem.4.common errors in installation.5.ways or tricks to have multiple boot or o.s.6.linux installation.7.viruses or worms propagating in websites. (eg.- jL.chura.pl)8.common trojans or worms.9.discussion of antiviruses.


we have separate forums for specific discussions on such topics, onkarnath2001. it does not help if a topic thread relates to a general discussion of computer troubleshooting since it would be harder to extract the data for users who'll need the assistance, once it gets too long and crowded. also, this is not relevant to our introductions board so i'm moving it, and closing it also. better to just add tutorials if you like on specific issues that have not been addressed in our forums already. or help others with those said issues you feel comfortable discussing, on topics already started.


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