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I Got Suspended?


I got suspended and i have 5 days worth of credit... Can i get unsuspended?


I think the forum system automatically unsuspends you after a certain amoun of credits. Maybe it's not enough credits. Try posting some more!Codially,~ D O O G A


Now i have six days worth of credit. I think that should be enouigh..... Maybe the sytem is broken or something.


This is just to tell people. You need seven hosting credits to get unssupended not four or something like that. Thats what it said on one of the posts but its not true someone changed it to seven but didn't inform anyone. So now im juts gonna say it. You need seven days of credit to get unsuspended.


Yes I remember that you need at least a week of credits in order to unsuspend your account. I may be wrong, but it wouldn't hurt to post a couple of more posts. I already have 40 credits! Posting is really fun, and we've got to understand that! However, I also remember something about 7 credits being an example. If you don't know, click on the little link beside the post credit system. It should say "more information" or something like that.~Dooga


Good to know, concidering i was just suspened then unsuspened and now i'm well on my way to being suspened again.I'm wondering whose bright idea this was, cause by the end of it, this is only site on the net you'll be visiting. Posting just to keep your site active.round.trap17.com


Are you insulting the idea of posting for hosting credits. Where hosting credits are exchangeable for the best free hosting on the interweb?Hosting credits arn't that hard to get. You have no life if you can't find a subject on this forum that you know something about!Dooga: Nice job on the credits!


FireStorm~, you in actuality have -11 hosting credits because I suspended your posting rights and I deducted hosting credits from the Copy Paste job you did.

The only way you can get your hosting back and your account unsuspended is to talk to OpaQue and explain why you did it and what you will do to stay on the straight and narrow road.

If you (or anyone else reading this post) don't read the rules here or the TOS you will be suprised when your hosting accounts are deleted. It states that "spam" or Plagiarism will get your account deleted.

plagiarismthe act of taking the writings of another person and passing them off as one's own. The fraudulence is closely related to forgery and piracypractices generally in violation of copyright laws.



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