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Question About Hosting Credit


Right... we all know that now trap 17 converted to hosting credit to see if the members have been active or not. Somehow, i still have some doubt about this system.Basically, about two days ago, i saw that i have about 10.xx days left for my account. So i posted something and at the end of that day i had over 14 days left. However, i asked for an upgrade yesterday (from package 1 to package 2), and updated my site. Only for me to see today that i only have about 2 days left!!! And i'll be away for a few days. So this really puzzled me.In short... i wanna know if...1) the rate of posting have to be more frequent if i have a bigger package?2) If the upgrade reset my whole credits and i have to start again?Thank you so much if you can make this clear.


1) No.2) Yes it doesI kept it short


Yes, it seems that when you get a package you loose your credits. If I'd known this before I applied for my package yesterday, I wouldn't have tried so hard to get credits. I wrote huge posts and earned 49 credits in 2 days. Now, they're all gone except for 4 :D:DB)I don't know why this must happen. It's quite unfair, I think. Not that I was planning to not post for as long as possible, I will continue to post, but I feel like I worked too hard and then had it all taken away.


You should pm the admin if he can give the points back to you.


When you upgrade your package, your hosting credits will diminish because you have recieved your upgrade. Now, the hosting depends on the hosting credits. However, a larger package will not make your hosting credit drop faster! The hosting credits drop according to how much time you haven't posted. If it says, you have 14.24 days left, you have exacly, 14.24 days. Please do not worry, as a post like this one will get you something like 4 credits. Just post as much as you can, and if you can't think of anything, start your own topic. It is very easy to get credits if you are enjoying your discussion! If you really can't think of your own topic, do what I do! Help other members! There's really nothing to lose and much to gain. I wish you good luck.~Dooga


just now,I have 2 days.but my account of free web hosting is down.


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