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Database Problems Too many connections


My site is offline coz servers MySQL database isn't working error code: ERROR 1040: Too many connections Anybody having troubles with MySQL database today?


I didn't get the error, but my MySQL database isn't working either, all my created ones just dissapeared!


But here's some of the server status as of the time of this post.


apache (1.3.33 (Unix)) failed

cppop up

cpsrvd up

exim (exim-4.44-0_cpanel_smtpctl_av_rewrite_mm2_mmmtrap_exiscan_md5pass) up

eximstats up

ftpd up

imap up

mysql (4.0.22-standard-log) up

postgresql up

spamd up

syslogd up

tomcat up

Server Load 0.51 (1 cpu)

Memory Used 70.1 %

Swap 0.930 %

Disk hda2 (/) 46 %

Disk hda1 (/boot) 46 %


I can only assume that the Apache server is down, and in turn disabled the MySQL databases,


Just wait, It will solve itself... (Could take a few hours tho...)


Yeah, I got that message too... the only difference to whyme's post is that mysql (4.0.22-standard-log) has also failed...Had to happen eventualy still, the guys at Trap are doing a great job... We'll just have to relax a bit


I had problems with my databases too. But it was a normal MySQL server failur as usual for me. I didnt get the same error as you but my SQL DBs were down for a while. Eventually it fixes it self and moves on. cPanel is completley automated to a point. SO it can fix it-self without any help from a human. But then again it cant authenticate accounts and stuff, but thats a duhh factor. LOL.


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