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Intel Thermal Analysis Tool - Requesting Interpretation


I am using the thermal analysis tool and I wanted to run a test. It is accessible in Advanced Preferences in Options. Then in mode, select workload test. When you start the test it asks you something...My issue is, how do I interpret this:Run loads per-core in orderRun loads in order per-coreWhat is the distinct difference(s)? I am planning to do some controlled and more accurate test on different loads but those two statements seems to be an issue.Anyone know what they mean?


Run loads per-core in order

I think this one means: Run Process 1 on Core 1, then Core 2, etc; then Run Process 2 on Core 1, then Core 2, etc; repeat until finished...

Run loads in order per-core

While this one would mean: Run Process 1 on Core 1; Run Process 2 on Core 1; repeat until all processes are ran on Core 1, then run all processes on Core 2; continue till finished...


Thanks a lot for the interpretation. I was very confused before.(Also I had no idea that I could have interpreted it this way. Just not thinking well)Thanks.


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