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Sudden Closing Of Web Browser?


Im using Mozilla 1.7.5 and Internet explorer 6, and whenever when I click on certain topics the browser would suddenly close. The last one that this happent on was this topic on this forum.Any idea of what might be causing this?


Check that you have flash player 7 installed, it may be the flash ads...


I dont think that it has anything to do with the Flash ads. It will simply not display flash in the browser if it doesnt have a flash player installed in there.Check your browser settings and if you cant figure out what the problem is, try reinstalling the browser. that should be able to solve your problem


does it happen in both browsers, or just in firefox or IE?maybe try scanning for spyware, it works all for me.


Firefox will solve all your problems @_@




If you have spyware preventers or popup blockers, most likely the software will close the window when there are ads. If you have ad-watch by Lavasoft, just disable popup-ad blocking or disable autoblocking. However, if you think that is too annoying you can always set up expert rules. Alas, I am not very familiar with this! Sorry, but I can not help you further unless I get more information about the problem. When you have more specific information, please reply to this message! Thank you!~DOOGA


I belive flash 7 is installed on this comp, and there are no adblocking software either. I cant uninstall/install anything here since these are school computers.


Is it a crash or juste a closing ?(If it's a crash, the talkback program will sent the stack to developers, and if you can reproduce it you can open a bug)


Its a regular closing. Im thinking that perhaps this is causes by a poorly configured censoring filter, since both mozilla and IE are affected by it.


Yes, it must be an external software...


What is the OS you use? Upgrade your Firefox and IE browser, install the latest flash player. Your browser must work good.


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