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Visual Basic 2005 Resources


Ok, I am learning Visual Basic 2005 in school this year, and I am curious if anybody knows where I can find resources for Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition? I just need things like project templates and user controls.


Well VB is comparatively an easy language to learn.....there are many help resources available...

If you need codes or projects..the best place is ...http://www.freevbcode.com/
there a lot of source codes given for each level...beginner to experts..

and there are numerous sites that would get you what u need....just google it
U can even use Microsofts MSDN for help...or even microsofts....vb forums..

U can even have ur questions or doubts answered here on Xisto also...as I told u VB is easy and u will not have any problem learning it ...best of luck


Thanks! The class so far is way too easy! I'm so bored. I've already done quite a bit in Visual Basic 2008 Express, but the change to 2005 seems to be different. I'm just one of those lazy programmers who can do something, but would rather import code Thanks again!


A site that I used to frequent in my teens when I was a pro at VB was VBForums.com. Endless help there.Also for tutorials, source code, etc. You can visit: http://www.planet-source-code.com/
Amazing site for just about every programming language there is.Why VB 5? The latest Edition is 10. And it's online for free at the Microsoft website. So long as its the Express / Student edition.


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