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Which Is The Best Php Ide Also With A Debugger Support I wanted a PHP editor with syntax suggestions and debug option


I have been developing PHP websites and do the PHP editing on a text editor and i have a really bad time when it comes to debugging my PHP code. When i use include_once('x.php') i should also get syntax suggestions when i use the methods that are available in the x.php file. I also want debugging support. People suggest a good PHP edito rfor me.


If you want to go for a paid one, I recommend you phpDesigner. This is really nice one. You can use to edit not only php but also many other languages as well. Download 21 days free trail from here
php designer download

or if you want a free editor try Komodo Edit....It is also one of the best php editors. It has two versions. Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit.....Komodo edit is free one. download it from here komodo edit download

But, I don't know whether the free edition Komodo Edit includes debugging support. Give it a try.


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