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Can't Login To Ftp Account Trying to access through a proxy

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I need to upload my re-design of my site (adesign.trap17.com), but I can't log in with any ftp program I try. (Filezilla, coreftp lite, aceftp3.) I am attempting to access the ftp behind a socks5 firewall, bess-proxy.tccsa.net using port 7034. For some reason, no matter what I do or try, I can't log into my ftp. I've tried usign all kinds of combinations of different things, and nothing is working. I'd really liek to upload everything, but it appears that I can't.


I use filezilla, works fine for me...Host: cragllo.trap17.comPort: 21Servertype: FTPLogintype: NormalUser: craglloPasswrord: [my pass]Default remote directory:/www/They are the settings for me... Try those (with your info...)


It is probably the fault of this :

Hi Zaideu,
We have completed executing our script for managing Inactive Hosting accounts at Friday, 21 January 2005 14:58:00 GMT.  All the Hosted members who were inactive for more than 32 days approx. were terminated.

This step was taken to :-
1. Reduce the load on the server
2. Increase the Uptime
3. Provide better service to Hosted members who are active.


Warm Regards,

But currently it works fine, sometimes I can't access to my website too


Mine always works fine....... there is a limit to how many users are online using FTP though and maybe you were trying to use it at a peak time or something........

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I don't know... It's just that usually the only time I can upload things to my site is when I'm at school behind this proxy. I'm at a friends house now and it's working fine.


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