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Database Normalization


For those of you... who really reall

Ok... I am sharing to Xisto an easy to use image file to brush up your understanding of database normalization. Everytime I have to understand the concepts, I have to go through the complete text and its a little hard to do that... Had some requirement recently, and I thought I will prepare something like this and refer to, when there are future requirements. This is not exhaustive and very detailed. Helps to get some basic understanding. Prior knowledge about the databases, structure will help in understanding the complete concepts in a detailed way.

Here is the PDF format of the same file for your convenience.
Created using freemind, a free mind mapping tool. Its awesome. I have started to use this extensively now. I have been recommending many people about this software. Choice of many....

If you have some doubts on this, go ahead and post it in the thread... Will try to answer them when time permits.


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