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A Question About Php Mail A question about how php send mail using which email account in SMTP s


I have code my website with send mail feature, I just notice that everytime i send out email, it uses gamma.xisto.com as the sender, but the fact is I want to use my own email account that exist in Xisto, suppose I create email account name webmaster@innosia.trap17.com then how exactly can I send an email that uses this email account? So that when user replying the email, the email can be sent to my inbox not the xisto.gamma? How to configure this? Anyone knows?I know that php uses this mail(to,subject,body,header) function to send mail, and we can even create fake 'from' email address, but how could we use a real from email address just like what I mention above?Thanks


As i understand it the only way to achieve this (and i just had this problem too for a paid website and used this solution) is to use the FROM header. Eg:

mail("usersaddress@host.com", "subject here", "message here", "FROM:webmaster@mysite.com");

Though there may be a setting in php.ini somewhere, but we dont have access to that on shared hosting.


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