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Flash Wmode(transparent) Pramater In Firefox3(on Linux) - Not Working issue with flash transparancy and firefox3( on linux op. sistem)


Can anybody help me...Unfortunately I have an issue with firefox2-3 (under linux (ubuntu) operating sistem) and flash transparacy...The site structure is:Menu (dropdown with javascript) and under that a big flash with wmode=transparent param enabled..On mouse-over the menu is not appearing because the flash hides it...With all other browsers it works.I understood that this is a flash plugin bug under linux - firefox2-3Does anyone has a solution?


Have you search the unbuntu forums at all about this problem as it seems your not hte only who is suffering this problem. I recommend checking out this topic here and use this google results page to help search for answer and possible post a working result here as well.


Ubuntu 8.10

Flash Wmode(transparent) Pramater In Firefox3(on Linux) - Not Working


Replying to xebay:


Hi there!


It seems like Ubuntu 8.10 has this issue fixed. I just downloaded the BETA and to my suprise, I have transparent Flash now. Hope that helps.





-reply by Vincent


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