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Style Not Displayed Correctly On Firefox [resolved]


HI, All

I have installed phpBB 3.0.1 and when browse it the style not displayed
correctly on firefox 2.0.12 but IE6.

I have tested my browser ( firefox ) it is fine on other forums ( phpBB ).

After checking all the settings, I found that the style on firefox not downloaded

Is there any settings could get rid this issues ? Thanks

P.S. I have also installed a bug tracker. It is work fine.

phpBB 3: http://forums.xisto.com/qupis/
mantis: http://forums.xisto.com/qupis/


There is likely a CSS issue. I can not check the site with the IE6 Browser you are using, so perhaps you could post the screen print for the correct display and the incorrect display to see if someone can assist you.


take the acid test 3 for FF 3 (final) it's not 100/100 ...mmm bad :|safary is better I think when comes to style..hope FF 3.1 will kick his a** ;)anyway if you're designing a site do some hacks for style to work ok in any browsermost users use IE and I believe IE 6 is dying...FF 3 Safary 3 and Opera are better and better


Hi, jlhaslip and Sica-GURU,

These are the screen prints for firefox and IE 6.



The following code was copied from {PHPBB-DIR}\style\prosilver\templates\overall_header.html.
If I have replaced the template code with it's style path file, then, it works a bit but not all. ( Some icons not displayed at all )

<link href="{T_STYLESHEET_LINK}" type="text/css" media="screen, projection" />




In your firefox browser, go to view -> Page Style -> Make sure basic page style is selected.... if that isn't the problem, or that doesn't fix it, I don't know what the problem is.


Hi, KansukeKojimaUnfortunately, I tested it but, it does not do the job.Thanks your help ! ;)Eric,


hm don't know your cause of the problem but for me phpbb works fine in any browser IE 6or better FF2 or betterI'm using FF3 and till now never had such problems..there must be a problem with a not selected style from FF browser or maybe you didn't refreshed your IE press F5 ..you might have the same problem in IE but didn't know or maybe you messed up some css code choose a better template or design your own if you know what are you doing..


Hi, Sica-GURU,You haven't this issue with your firefox 2 ?What is the version of your FF ?Do you use phpBB 3 default's prosilver style ?I haven't changed it's default style.When I have it installed, that issue come here.Eric,


I'll install phpBB3 in a few minutes and let you know about this,I don't have it installed since I've already reinstalled my OS.


How is the CSS being imported? If it is dynamically imported via PHP, then Firefox isn't going to consider it as a CSS file without the proper headers being sent back to the browser. Opera will treat the file as a CSS file regardless of headers; not sure about IE; it may be different with Firefox 3, but don't upgrade yet.


I've installed the default phpBB3 package for Windows and it works fine on FF3(final) and IE 7...


@Sica-GURU, did you installed it locally or on account that is hosted on qupis.com ?I make things a bit clear. The phpBB 3 forum default package is fine on any where except the hosting on qupis.com.Sorry for that if I made it confused.Anyway, thanks your help and tested it out.


hm.. I've tested it on localhost and other hosts..but not on qupis.comif I'll have an account on qupis.com I'll try phpBB3 there and tell you how's doing..


Hi, I'am appreciate your help on that !


Hi, truefusion,Yes, it did the job by use php script. Just as the post I mentioned above.It works on anywhere, but only on free hosting.Thanks,Eric,


Hi, AllI just did notice something I have been sure that the issueswas not by the free hosting. It seems been my firefox extensionscasue the issues. Please close the threadThanksEric,


Topic is resolved.Please PM any moderator to continue this discussion. Until then, this topic is closed.


CSS related QuestionStyle Not Displayed Correctly On Firefox [resolved]

Hi friends...,

I have designed Web page by using CSS.When I execute it in mozilla firefox,its working perfectly.But this web page looks different when  I execute it in Internet Explorer...

So if you know let me know ma dudes...

-reply by Priya



Solution to PHPbb problemStyle Not Displayed Correctly On Firefox [resolved]

I was facing the same problem, until I disabled Adblock Plus and now the pages are being rendered properly. Check if you're using any adblockers or so.


-reply by Sibot


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