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Wtf? No, seriously: wtf?


Who the hell are these people saying stupid things and PMing me for no good f*cking reason? First the moderators are trying to ban me from the forums, and now people who have no administrative rights on the site what-so-ever, but instead are little weenie nubes who's status complements their attitude (note: "Novice"), trying to threaten me? Oh, you really must be new around here, eh? Anyways, yeah, why the hell does everyone thing they have beef with me? People I don't even know want to start something, heh, idiots.


omg? Must be some drunken drug using noob to Xisto that has no life and asks you for a cookie on his way :\ Or not... Anyway admins should ban such people


lol he's not even admin/moderator and he's threatening to kick u... lool. i never no there were so many retards on this forum


lol .. if u think that you did not did anything wrong ... just forget about it and i also hate this kinda ppl ... he will not do any harm to u ... just that he will make u mad sometimes


hah, odd. dont ya just love it when n00bs think they are god? lolJust ignore them, they will eventually go away, it works with all my stalkers, lol


Dont worry about it. Detective X3r0X is on the case and this member is gonna be hearing about this from me :)And one more thing, i dont have a beef with you do i?


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