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Any One Could Tell Me How To Sign A "co.uk"


Any could tell me how to apply a domain like " yourname.co.uk"Thank you vry much.!


Im pretty sure they are top level domain so you would have to go to a domain registar and register a domain.Prices vary alot so make sure you search around check everyone!I would prefer a .com myself but if thats the way you want to go then thats how its gonna be


Thank you admin.If it is for sale I will chose a .com or .org.It's abt 7$ /year.


Thanks . $7 dollars a year is really good considering that that is your own identity on the internet where everyone can do whatever you want....One question, what is your site about?


You can get a top level domain for as cheap as $5 per domain .. that's from https://hostway.com/ and it's realiable .. they wont take ur money and run away.the $5 is only plain domain name price and i think u will need to pay extra for more services .Or u can also try https://de.godaddy.com/ for $8 per domain name .., and i think that the services that comes with the price are attractive if u really use them .. such as domain masking/pointing .. domain transfer, parked page, sale page, website builder .. etc :rolleyes:i'm using godaddy now. so far so good


To true. The problem is finding someone truly reliable whos services offer what you need.If anyone has had good/bad experiences with domain registrars then please post them here for the benifit for the community


As soon as my site is fully operational i think i am going to invest in a .com,It seems to be the best way to go.On that matter, anyone know of a good place to get good php scripts other than hotscripts.com?


I still say, if it's in the uk, go for a .co.uk! I managed to find a hosting company that allows any end extention as long as you use their subdomain, so that's why my latest site is ending with .co.uk instead of .com, though I have to admit .com is more popular.If you wanna know, the hosting site that allows this is called AwardSpace, and it's a Sister site created from the merging of two successful web hosting companies. I will probably post on a separate topic more info about it.


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