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Swf File changing a swf file


I thought I already added this topic. Well here go's it again. I have a clock for my site, it is a swf file.My problem now is i don't know anything about flash. The clock is an analog clock with black numbers and arms.The background where i want the clock on my site is dark grey. What i want to know is is it possible to open the swf and change the color of the numbers and arms?I already downloaded a trial version of macromedia flash byt have no idea how to open it.Please help me.


i dont think its possible to edit a swf file with flash.you will need the .fla file if you want to edit it.then with flash, you can export the .fla file as a .swf and upload it again. however it sounds as if you dont have the .fla file, so i dont think its possible for you to edit it.btw, the trial version of flash doesnt let you export files or save them anyway, so ur prolly wasting your time


I already downloaded a trial version of macromedia flash byt have no idea how to open it.

Please help me.


There is numerous software applications that can "decompile" swf file (like Sothink's SWF Decompiler) and make an editable version of it. But if you are pure begginer that will do no good for you. Try to learn something more about flash if you are interested, and you will figure it out very soon. If you are still intereseted in decompiling the swf files and importing them into flash try to google for 'swf decompiler' or something similar... And at the end - flash is easy.


Don't bother trying because you won't be able to but check out


and just download yourself another one. they have tons to choose

from, much easier that way.



im a beginner in flash mx 2004 but iv build some pretty cool toons (i think. lol) check them out http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


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