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Mysql Hostname? where can i get it


Hey, im looking at a php script to connect to mySQL - it requires the password, username and hostname to connect to the database.Im now looking at it in a very perplexed way.Ive looked on cpanel but I can't see anything like this anywhere.Where can I find this information?If this is nothing to do with you at all I'm very sorry for wasting your time....Please be gentle, im only a n00b Thanks very much guysYou do great work, keep it up!


Hostname is localhostHave you created the mySQL database? Im not going to tell you how because Im too bust at the moment...


Hostname is        localhost


Have you created the mySQL database? Im not going to tell you how because Im too bust at the moment...


I have indeed.


Im just working on the acessing bit


hi,when u create a mysql database, u get 3 connection strings for php, perl and jdbc. use them.I suppose the hostname is localhost.else, install a cms/forum on ur account and go their particular files to find how the connection are made there.use similar method in ur case then..... hope this helped.Cheers.


on the cpanel, go to "MySQL databases".There, you will find the names of the databases and the users.They will look something like this:[username]_[database name] Delete Check Repair Users in [database name] [username]_[database name] (Privileges: ALL PRIVILEGES) Connection Strings [info here]your password is your hosting password - the one you use to login to cPanelthe database location is "localhost"cheers and gl!edit: i just realised this thread is more than a year old! ah well, MEH!


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