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Trap 17 Admins


How did you all pick each other to be admins did you guys know each other before you started host.Also did you give more then 1 GB bandwith before you had a lot of users.If so why did you lower it was it because of the high demand of users or what?Oh yeah one more thing who started Xisto? Well I hope you can all answer my questions i know I have alot but please try tour best to answer. Thanks~ your friendlly user gizmo291.


That was strange but I'm guessing that OpaQue started Xisto.


I always thought trap 17 was started by wassie.To me he seems like the head admin and que Is like the seconedary admin.I dont know Iam just guessing


Opaque started Xisto,i joined much later (look at my member nr)but i became good friends with Opaque,and now i'm an admin,and helping him out...i ain't asking any money or anything...just like to be admin


I was something like the 3rd/4th person hosted so i have been around for a long time.And of course OpaQue started Xisto He does behind the scenes work (such as pay for the server for your hosting )


Trap17 is not possible without the dedicated work of the admins and the mods. However, I am not able to be that active at the forums.. I had posted a TO DO list..heres the progressThis is my TO DO list ( Just to give you an Idea ) :-1> Making the Script for automatically creating user accounts. (done)2> Script for hunting inactive members and managing them. 3> Automatic suspension of accounts which are not active at the forums.4> A Facility to allow members to take a short Leave.5> Testing of all the above ones, especially the ones which connect the servers ( they need to be double checked for security holes )6> Mastering Linux 7> Managing my own Degree Studies. ( Permanent Headache )8> Looking after the forums ( Least priority, since I count on you guys )9> Optimizing my sites.10> Paid Extension (Holiday) plans for members who want to take long break off the forums.11> Lanching the Corporate site ( xisto.com ) ( partially completed )12> Handling my own local clients. ( Another Permanent headache )13> Finishing up my web designing assignments.14> Making an Invoicing system for paid customers.15> Marketing, Advertising etc for Xisto - Web Hosting. (http://computing-web-hosting.com/)


Whoa. That's a long list. Kudos to you (OpaQue) when you get everything done! I give you credit anyway for getting this great hosting service. Xisto is awesome. Gizmo, why did you go back to Fusion X Host?


Wow! You must be excellent at programming if you know how to program scripts for a forum! Good job!


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